Permanent Magazine N4 +DVD

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Permanent Magazine 04/2016 + DVD
Permanent magazine touches on various aspects of permanent make-up, each of which is essential to the profession. The issues we discuss are by no means set in stone, as the field of permanent make-up evolves at an astounding pace, but we aim to include articles on the following themes in each one of our issues:

  • Exhibitions and congresses
  • Competitions
  • Courses, schools and Master classes
  • Pigments and styles
  • Techniques and equipment
  • Medical issues
  • Interviews
  • Galleries
  • Magazine issue comes with a complimentary DVD including video master classes performed by experts from across the world.

We endorse only the most reputable course providers on the market today, and we only support pigment and accessory manufacturers or artisans who uphold the most exacting industry standards in making their products. Our editorial team selects only top-notch material and up-to-the-minute information for use in our magazine, as only the best will do for readers interested i

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